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Dynamic behavior and constitutive modeling of Ti-10-2-3

2019525 · The true compressive stress–strain curves for Ti-10-2-3 alloy under different temperatures and strain rates are illustrated in Fig. 2. The flow stress is

: Ravindranadh Bobbili, Vemuri Madhu

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20221025 · For example, Fig. 2 shows a light optical micrograph of the metastable β-Ti alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al (wt%) (Ti-10-2-3) after laser


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2019628 · The hot deformation behavior of the aerospace Ti-10-2-3 alloy was investigated by isothermal compression tests at temperatures of 740 to 820 °C and

: Fukang Wang, Jingyuan Shen, Yong Zhang, Yongquan Ning

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