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C103 | Columbia Metals

C103. C103 (OF) is a commercially pure grade of oxygen-free copper manufactured by pouring in a protective gas atmosphere or vacuum. The absence of oxygen ensures high


DATASHEET C103 (CW1008A)C103 Copper | CW008AC103 propertiesC103 Niobium-Hafnium Alloy Professional Manufacturer: We…C103 / CW008A / OF COPPER | Holme Dodsworth Metals Ltd•

C103 | Broncesval High Conductivity Copper - Broncesval

The C103 | Cu-HCP is a low purity, high level residual phosphorus deoxidized copper. It has a very high electrical and thermal conductivity, good soldering and soldering properties,


C103 / CW008A / OF COPPER | Holme Dodsworth Metals Ltd

C103 / CW008A / OF Copper. C103 / CW008A is a commercially pure oxygen free copper manufactured by re-melting and pouring in a protective gas atmosphere. The C103 has a

Bismuth: 0.0010% max

C103 Copper | CW008A

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