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Thermal and structural analysis of high-tin bronze of

2019123 · In this paper, singing bowl purchased in Patan (Nepal) and made from high-tin bronze was analyzed. Those vessels have many applications, e.g., for storing

: Magdalena Jabłońska, Tomasz Maciąg, Marian Nowak, Tomasz Rzychoń, Monika Czerny, Karolina Kowalczyk [PDF]

Cast Copper Alloys: Bronzes (C90000 - C95999)

2023213 · C90000-C91999: Copper-Tin Alloys (Tin Bronzes) C92000-C92900: Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (Leaded Tin Bronzes) C93000-C94500: Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys

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20201123 · MTEK 65 / C90700 (which is 89% copper and 11% tin) is a typical High Tin Bronze. Bronzes containing high tin content possess stronger mechanical properties.


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1998720 · bronze, alloy traditionally composed of copper and tin. Modern bronze is typically 88 percent copper and about 12 percent tin.

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